Blackberry and Gin

This is one of my best selling jams!

I usually try to get my fruit from farm shops but sometimes it’s worth checking out the discounted section in the supermarkets because you can freeze them. 

This batch is made from some fruit I froze in the summer. Frozen fruit will work just as well as fresh. If you do buy discounted fruit make sure you freeze it straight away. 

I used 4 punnets, a total of 600g

I start by boiling the fruit in 300ml hot water for 10 minutes. 

Then add a kilo of jam sugar (or caster sugar if you can’t find jam sugar) 

I like to add a little bit of vanilla to balance the sharpness of the berries. Then boil for a further 5 minutes 

Then add 60ml Gin. 

I tend to keep the jam on the heat for a little longer and check the consistency of the jam using a saucer that I’ve kept in the freezer. 

You’ll know it’s ready when the jam wrinkles when it hits the cold plate or when the jam stays in place when you run your finger through the centre. 

I buy my jars from wilkinson or Hobby Craft in packs of 12 

I sterilise them in the dishwasher and often customers will return the jars to me so they can be reused. 

From this batch I got 7 jars of jam and enough to put in a little bowl to keep for myself in the fridge. 

The end result is sweet and sharp with a hint of booze. It’s fantastic on scones and crusty bread!

In previous batches I’ve added edible glitter which looks amazing and very festive! 


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