Christmas Pudding Vodka

For some of my friends this year I'm making Christmas pudding flavoured vodka. 

I've bought a couple of ornate glass bottles and plan to decorate these with ribbon and cinnamon sticks. I'll include photos of the end result. 

To make it I've bought a 70cl bottle of vodka (whichever brand you like)  

In a large bowl I added 300g of mixed dried fruit (sultanas, raisins, prunes etc) and added 75g caster sugar, zest of a lemon and an orange and then added the spices. 

The spices include 2 cinnamon sticks, 2 tsp of ground nutmeg (or half of a whole nutmeg grated), 2 tsp ginger and 6 cloves. 

I then poured the vodka over the spiced fruit mixture and it is currently sitting in the fridge.  

It'll sit for 3 days and I'll be stirring once each day. 

I'll post my end results on Sunday when it's ready! 

Okay so it's Monday and I finished the vodka off today!

I started by filtering the mixture through seive lined with a clean tea towel 

This allowed me to keep the fruit in tact so I can use it again (for a cake or strudel)

This method filtered out the large ingredients but there was still residue from some of the powdered spices. 

I then filtered the liquid again this time using paper towels instead of a tea towel

I used a shot glass to test the vodka (purely to check the consistency of course … hic)

I then filtered one more time with the paper towels and poured into the glass bottle

Unfortunately I didn't make quite enough to fill it! I would've needed a litre of vodka in hindsight for this bottle. But I'll likely make another batch and get some more bottles so I can share it with other people. 

It really does taste delicious! 

We added some of the boozy left over fruit to top an apple crumble and that went down a treat too!


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