Strawberry and Prosecco jam. 

A boozy twist on a classic!

I start with 1kg of strawberries:

I hull and halve them and add a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. 

You can use a vanilla pod by slicing  it down the centre and scraping out the beans. Or you could use vanilla extract, i'd avoid vanilla essence because it's just not as good!

I make sure the strawberries are all well coated in vanilla before transferring to a large heavy bottomed pan. 

I add the entire bag of jam sugar. You can use caster sugar and add your own pectin if you prefer. 

Place the pan on full heat and allow the sugar to melt. Keep it on the heat until it's bubbling up to the top of the pan. Avoid stirring and just allow it to boil for about 10 minutes. If you're scared it'll boil over the sides just lower the heat. 

You often get 'scum' gather at the top of the pan with strawberries. Just skim it off with a spoon  

Now time to add the prosecco. I used 200ml and boiled the jam for a further 10 mins. 

Using the frozen saucer trick (see my blackberry and gin jam post) I checked the consistency of the jam before taking it off the heat. 

Once you're happy with the consistency, remove from the heat and remove any further scum that may have settled. 

Now the next step is optional, but heck, it's Christmas!

To add a little festive cheer I added a pinch of edible glitter. 

I poured the jam into sterilised jars using my Kilmer jam funnel. 

And made enough for 6 jars and a small bowl to keep in the fridge. 

And voila! Absolutely delicious on scones, cakes or just a slice of toast if you fancy a decadent jammy breakfast! 


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