Chocolate and coffee cheesecake with coffee syrup. 

My blog has been fairly quiet since before Christmas, I've just been fairly busy with work and not had time to do anything really creative in the kitchen. 

Today is a rare Sunday off for me so I've decided to make a cheesecake! My friends are having a stressful time at the moment so I'm hoping to cheer them up with this chocolate and coffee treat. 

I haven't followed any recipes, which in hindsight I should have because my biscuit to topping ratio was completely out. Thankfully my family have been helping with the excess topping by digging their spoons in. 

I started by melting butter and crushing these chocolate and cream biscuits into it

I squashed this all down into a cake tin and chilled in the fridge while I worked on the topping.


I melted the dark chocolate with a teaspoon of coffee extract and butter 

While this melted I combined the cheese, cream, vanilla and sugar in a mixing bowl on a high speed until stiff. 

I then added the melted chocolate and a good glug of Tia Maria and navy rum

I then whisked the mixture once more so all the ingredients were fully combined and then spread across the chilled biscuit base

Now onto the syrup!

While the cheesecake was chilling I tried to find something to decorate it with. I thought I had chocolate coated beans but I couldn't find them then decided to try and make a syrup. 

I brewed some coffee and added this to some golden caster sugar and boiled the living daylights out of it

While the cheesecake wasn't quite ready I realised I'd need to store the syrup somehow and found an empty condiment bottle. I rinsed it thoroughly and poured the cooled syrup into it

It doesn't look appealing but gosh darn it it's bloody tasty! This bottle has the squeezy style lid so made it an ideal choice for when it came to decorating. 

The cooled cheesecake removed from the baking tin and ready to decorate. 

I finished it off with a swirl of the coffee syrup and white chocolate stars. 


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