Rose Petal Jam

Something a little different.

When looking for recipes/ inspiration for my take on rose jam, most advised to use the same colour of rose as this will dictate the colour of the final result.

I had originally wanted just pink roses, but I would have needed to go to a florist as all the bouquets in my local supermarket were different colours. In the end I found the red bouquet and the pink and white. Hopefully this will still result in a nice red/pink hue.

I picked all the petals from the roses, discarding any that were damaged/ dry or browning and had just short of 500g.

I then rinsed the petals thoroughly and allowed to dry before sprinkling them with some caster sugar.

Then using both hands, I scrunched the petals making sure they were all coated in sugar. I rubbed at them to bruise the petals and allow some of the scent to begin to infuse with the sugar.

To make sure I get the most flavour from the petals, I rubbed and scrunched for several minutes and covered with cling film.
The sugared petals will sit in the fridge for a couple of hours for the scent/flavour to infuse.

After 2 hours, I started boiling 1 litre of water with 1 kg of sugar and lemon juice (about 4 tbsp)

Once the liquid had reached almost boiling point, I added the rose petals and a tsp of vanilla extract.

I simmered the mixture for 20 minutes, stirring often and then turned up the heat and allowed the jam to boil for 20 more minutes

And tah dah!!

I plan on using the jam in cocktails and maybe some shortbread biscuits. 🌹🍹

I've been updating my instagram story with photos and videos of my jam making process; if you'd like to follow me my handle is @clairexlp


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