Homemade moussaka

Currently I’m enjoying making big hearty meals for the two of us that we can portion out and last over the space of the week ahead.

On Sunday I made moussaka for the first time in ages after spotting some big fat aubergines in Aldi.

This meal has quite a bit of preparation but it’s damn tasty and definitely worth the effort.


Lamb mince (I used 500g)

An onion, diced

3 cloves garlic

1tsp mint

1tsp oregano

1 tin chopped tomatoes

2 tbsp tomato purée

Glass of red wine

Sliced potatoes (4 medium potatoes)

1 aubergine

1 jar béchamel sauce (I made my own)

Salt and pepper

Cheese for sprinkling (we used cheddar but Parmesan or mozzarella even would be tasty)

I began by making my other half slice and dice all of the vegetables. The potatoes went straight on to boil and I began to sauté the onions.

I then added the minced lamb and once brown added the garlic and herbs. I used to always sauté the onions and garlic together but the garlic is prone to burning and so I’ve started adding it in a little later with this style of dish.

I stirred in the tomatoes, purée, salt, pepper and then added a glass of red wine before allowing the mixture to simmer.

Onto the aubergines. These are prone to releasing a lot of liquid and so to stop them from making the dish all soggy I sprinkled the slices with salt to draw out any excess liquid.

I placed them in a colander lined with kitchen towel and let them sit for 5-10 mins before patting them dry and frying them.

I brushed them with a little oil and griddled them for a couple of minutes on each side.

Now that all the components were cooked, it was time to begin assembling.

I did 2 layers because I’m not a fan of too many layers in these style of dishes. You can however, do as many as you like/ can fit! I used a rectangular Pyrex casserole dish to cook it in.

Now that he hob was free of all the other pans I’d used, I quickly knocked up a white sauce for the top layer. I didn’t photograph this because you have to do it so quickly, I’ll probably do a separate post on how to do a quick white / béchamel sauce. If you don’t fancy faffing about making one, just use a jar of white lasagne sauce 👌🏻

Once the sauce was made, I poured this over the top layer and then sprinkled with cheese. The dish was then put in the oven for 20 mins until the cheese went all yummy and golden (I should note that we have the worst oven so sometimes my timings aren’t the best to go off)

We enjoyed this with a little side salad of spinach and peppers. He finished the wine off, naturally. I admit, I also had a teeny glass!

You could serve this with garlic bread if you liked.

We split this over 2 days, we probably could have done it over 3 but we were particularly hungry on Monday night and polished the lot off!


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