Jalapeño pesto

A few months ago I went to Altrincham Market with my sister and we indulged in a tasty little brunch.

I opted for steak and eggs (above) which came with a delicious and punchy jalapeño pesto. Naturally I have thought about it quite a lot since but never got round to finding it again or making it myself, until now.

It’s so blinkin easy to make, I used the following:

Pack of fresh basil leaves (50g)

Sliced jalapeños (about 10)

60g walnuts

2 garlic cloves

60g Parmesan cheese

150ml olive oil

I started by blitzing the walnuts and then adding the garlic cloves

Once these are well blitzed I added the basil, Parmesan and jalapeños

Then blitz it all again before adding the oil.

When adding the oil I left the food processor running and tilted it as necessary to make sure everything was incorporated

This made just over one jar, the rest I decanted into a smaller tub and gave to a friend.

This can be used in small doses like I had in Altrincham, if you’re feeling brave you could pour the lot over pasta as a sauce.

I think I’ll use it a bit more sparingly, especially while I’m suffering with pregnancy related heartburn!

It’s super tasty though, think I’ll invest in a basil plant so I can make it more often 👌🏻


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