Life update: I have a baby!

So it’s been a hot minute since my last blog post and as you can imagine an awful lot has happened preventing me from blogging!

The main event being the birth of my beautiful baby boy! Archibald Brian Patrick Ordish was born 18th June 2018 via emergency C section and he truly is beautiful.

He’s now 3 months old and has changed so much already.

If you’d like to see more baby pics/ updates be sure to follow me on Instagram: @clairexlp.

I actually moved back to my hometown in April and sadly separated from Archie’s dad before he was born. He’s very much involved in his life though and was present at the birth, We’re doing a pretty good job of co-parenting and I know this was the best decision for all of us.

A month ago I moved into a flat of my own which I absolutely adore!

I’ll do a post about the flat itself soon, I’m also considering doing a post on my pregnancy/ birth experience too because I feel like the trauma of it all is starting to subside!

I must say that the last 6 months have been incredibly difficult at times, however I’m definitely feeling like I’m in such a better place now! I’ve been getting back into cooking and I’m planning some exciting things for Christmas (I know, I said the C word in September!) so watch this space!


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