Poached pear 🍐

If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I bloody well love Masterchef. And if you watch Masterchef then you’ll know that you won’t see a series go by without at least one person poaching a pear.

Yesterday after mum and baby yoga (which was amazing!), my friend gave me a couple of homegrown pears. Later that night, while watching celebrity Masterchef the contestants only had to go and poach a pear!

So I jumped out of my recliner, feeling inspired and gave it a go’

I peeled the pear and kept the stalk attached. Partly to use as a handle and partly for aesthetic reasons 😉

I poured a big glut of red wine (les dauphins sneaking into shot) into a pan with some sugar (I didn’t measure just poured straight from the bag) and grated a good amount of nutmeg into it. I let the wine come to a boil and sat my pear in it.

I turned the pear regularly to make sure it was fully coated in the wine and then put the lid onto the pan so the pear could half poach half steam. This also helped to reduce the wine down to a syrup.

(I didn’t take many pics for this post, I’m sorry! I did post a couple to my insta story though so take a little look: @clairexlp)

I poached/ steamed the pear for about 25 mins, it possibly could’ve done with longer but I’ve never done it before nor have I ever eaten one to know. Once the pear was cooked, I placed it in a bowl with some vanilla ice cream and spooned some of the delicious sticky red wine syrup over the top.

Proper flippin proud of this! Masterchef best make way for me…

(except I’m almost definitely never going to pluck up the courage to go on it!)


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