Mint Jelly

Last week while doing my weekly shop, I did my usual thrifty mum scan of the reduced fridge in Tesco and found a bargain packet of diced lamb.

I immediately began planning a lamb stew in my head and picked up a jar of mint sauce to add to the stock. However, I quickly changed my mind and thought I’d try out making my own minty accompaniment.

I froze the meat as I plan to make the stew tomorrow (Monday) and thought I’d make the jelly over the weekend. I nipped to my mum’s this morning to collect my jars and accidentally went shopping with her and my sister… oops!

So, after finally getting home with my jars, I got out the many ingredients required for the jelly:

Jam sugar


A good squirt of lemon juice (not pictured)

Boiling water

I then got myself ready to go with the preparation.

Because Archie definitely was not in the mood to be ignored. It’s funny, I feel like a TV chef whenever he’s strapped to me because I tend to talk him through everything I’m doing so he doesn’t get bored.

(I definitely would not handle boiling jams with a baby attached to me, it was literally only for the prep while he was still awake)

I stripped the mint leaves and placed into my blender – I also use this method when I make chilli jam. I’ll be posting that recipe soon!

I pulsed the mint leaves till they were roughly chopped… this took a few goes because my little helper wasn’t so keen on the sound

The grumpy little helper got pretty restless as it was nearing bed time so I got him bathed and into bed before resuming.

All pulsed and ready to go!

I emptied the leaves into a large saucepan, then poured boiling water into the blender bottle and shook to make sure no leaves were left behind.

Then boiled the bejeezus out of the leaves. Well, I brought the mix to the boil, removed from the heat and then covered for about 10 mins while I did the dishes.

I strained the leaves and then returned them to the pan with lemon juice, 3 cups of jam sugar and a cup of boiling water.

I brought the mixture to the boil and like any jam I make, I checked the consistency by dropping a small amount onto a cooled plate and swiped my pinkie through the mix to ensure the sugar was all dissolved.

Daft sod that I am, I didn’t wait long enough to test the jam and burned my finger πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

After spending another 10 mins with my hand submerged in the sink, I got the jelly into jars. The mixture made up 2 jars.

I’ll be using this alongside my stew on Tuesday and will likely add it to any other lamb dishes I make in the near future.

Once opened, jars usually last a couple of weeks. Unopened they will last months.

If you give this a go yourself, let me know! Also don’t be silly and burn yourself like I did…

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