Lamb stew

As I mentioned in my last post “Mint Jelly”, I was inspired to make a lamb stew last week.

Since becoming a mum and being on a limited income, I find myself looking for bargains now more than ever.

I found this lamb in the reduced stock in Tesco and immediately froze it when I got home ready to cook the following week.

I took it out to defrost over night on Sunday and then after nipping to Wilko for a couple of bits, set to work.

On a quick sideline, I bought this pack of casserole dishes from Wilko for a tenner!

They’re no Pyrex, but they’ve done a perfectly good job so far!

So I gathered up the ingredients:


Lamb stock

Casserole veg



Red wine

Salt and pepper


I began by browning the meat and adding a lamb stock pot.

Then I added the casserole veg – normally I’d have bought the veg separately but I simply don’t have the fridge space for loads of bags of veg and it saved so much chopping time. (I got the veg on a 3 for 2 offer with some kale and herby potatoes so still thrifty!)

I sautéed the veg with the meat and a little butter before adding a glug of red wine (same bottle from the poached pear recipe) and some boiling water.

I seasoned and added a good dollop of my homemade mint jelly.

I transferred the stew into the largest casserole dish, sprinkled with rosemary and thyme, covered and placed into the oven. 150 degrees C fan, for 2 hours.

I took it out to taste and while delicious, the gravy was still pretty thin so I added a little cornstarch and returned for another hour.

I cooked this on Monday but served it on the Tuesday for my friends who came round to watch bake off with me.

I just reheated it in the oven and served it with buttered kale (the 3 for 2 pack) and a loaf of crusty bread from Morrison’s.

My friends helped themselves while I put the baby to bed, so no final presentation photo, but it was super tasty!

Excluding the pantry items I used (herbs, stock, wine, cornstarch), this dish cost me about £5 and fed 5 people. I’ve bought a pack of diced beef and I’m going to do a dish with that, not yet decided what, but I may use it for batch cooking a meal for myself that can last me the week.

As always, please follow if you’ve enjoyed this post, I will try and post thrifty meals once a week going forward. Also follow my Instagram: clairexlp for more of my life’s ramblings in photo form 😘


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