Chilli Jam 🌶

A firm favourite amongst my friends and one of my own personal faves too.

I first made this with a load of chillies that my friend’s dad had grown. We made the batch up on Christmas Eve and gave him a jar for Christmas, as I recall he was very impressed!

It’s a really easy recipe and can be made as hot or mild as you like, simply by removing or leaving in the chilli seeds.

It’s that well loved that I forgot to take a photo of the jar when it was full!

Ingredient wise you will need:

• 150g Chillies (chopped roughly with or without seeds)

• 150g Red/ yellow/ orange bell peppers (chopped roughly, reseeded)

• 1kg Jam/ caster sugar

• 600ml Cider vinegar

The above measurements will make approximately 6 jars, I didn’t have enough chillies so I adapted the measurements to make 3 jars. 1 for me and 1 each for 2 of my friends.

I began my chopping the chillies and peppers. I usually have some disposable gloves that I use when chopping chillies but had run out so used a food bag instead. (Much more restricting but better than getting chilli in your eyes, or anywhere else sensitive!)

I then blitzed the peppers and chillies in my blender.

Into a saucepan I poured the cider vinegar and added the caster sugar then heated until the sugar was completely dissolved.

Next I emptied the blitzed up chillies and peppers and brought the mixture to a boil.

I simmered for about 10 minutes and after doing the chilled saucer test (drop a small amount onto a chilled plate and if the jam wrinkles then it is set) it was ready!

For this batch I kept the seeds in and it is hotter than I’d usually make it. I’ve used it on sandwiches, cheese on toast, omelettes, salads, pretty much everything that would require a condiment!


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